How To Navigate the Grand Rapids Real Estate Market During a Pandemic

Grand Rapids Duplex sold fast for cash

This past weekend kicked off the unofficial start to summer and that means in the real estate market, it is the beginning to the prime house buying and selling season.  So, how can you successfully navigate the Grand Rapids real estate market today especially considering the COVID-19 pandemic?

You may be wondering if any houses are selling right now.  The answer is yes!  But how, with all the confusion and uncertainty?  The reason is that Grand Rapids is a high-growth city with many new people moving into the area.  Grand Rapids has solid business growth, good schools and wonderful access to water, like nearby lakes and Lake Michigan.  It is also has the amenities of a big city, without much of the hassle of a big city.

Many areas that are selling well right now are the mini-cities, within larger cities.  People want to live in areas that they can walk to a shops and restaurants.  These areas have a city feel, but are not as crowded as living in a large downtown area with all the cars and parking hassles.

Two keys to selling your house to consider are location and speed

You have heard that real estate is about location, location, location.  This saying is true.  If your house is in a good solid, sought-after location, it will sell.  If you are unsure, consider things like access to entertainment, school districts and easy entry to the major highways like 131 and I-96.

If you are able to sell your house quickly, you are in a great position right now.  Many buyers have made their decision to buy and want to act fast.  This could get your house sold over all the other houses on the market today.

One final thing to keep in mind is that the greater Grand Rapids area is a popular area for real estate investors, like house flippers.  These investors are currently looking for houses that they can fix up and sell at a later date.  With the pandemic, many potential people considering selling their house, have decided to wait.  Therefore, there are many more Grand Rapids real estate investors than there are houses to sell right now.

If you are unsure the value of your house, and what a real estate investor would pay for it, that is where we specialize.  Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will help you determine a cash offer for your house.  We specialize in working with houses that need some fixing up and our team will buy houses AS-IS, and sellers don’t even need to clean it before they move out.    

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