Our Most Recent Closing In Grand Rapids // An Overview

Our Most Recent Closing // An Overview
Video Transcription

Alexander:  Hey there, this is Alexander with AKJ Sell Today. Thanks for tuning in to this video. I want to tell you a little bit about a deal we just got closed today. The seller of this deal happened to have a house on the Northeast side of Grand Rapids that needed some work. He was in town, doing some work to the property. He met with me and at first didn’t accept my offer, and decided he wanted to list it himself on MLS.

But after a month of getting a few pending offers, bunch of showings, bunch of banks and appraisals falling through, he decided, “Hey, Alex, I need to sell to your buyers. Time has become an issue. Can you get this thing done for me?”

So I brought over one of my buyers, walked through the house again with him, and within a couple hours, he had a offer that he loved and his family loved too.

Here we are, a week or two later. Just got done closing the deal for him! So if you have a house that needs some repairs or it’s just old, you’re not sure if it will pass inspections or appraise, we’d be happy to get you a cash as-is offer, and close it very hassle-free. We love working with homeowners in Grand Rapids and providing them a service that is not a lot of work to them, but still gives them what they need out of the property.

I’d love to meet you in person, sit down and talk about how I can serve you. I look forward to meeting you. Thanks. Have a great day.

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