Sell My Home Fast In Grand Rapids – Quick Tips So You Can Sell Today

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“I Am Trying To Sell My House Fast In Grand Rapids!”

5 Quick Tips For Home Sellers

Below, we have provided you with 5 tips to sell your house as fast as you can.  Homeowners in  Grand Rapids can sell quickly if you follow some of these ideas.

Tip #1 – Sell it AS-IS

Probably the number one reason that homes do not sell quickly is the seller thinks he needs to fix everything up before putting it on the market.  Sellers who are working on renovations, repairs, and clean-up that can take weeks and even months.  Real estate agents encourage sellers to do this because they are trying to market it to what traditional buyers are looking for.  While this process works if you are trying to get a bidding war going, it can take a long time to complete everything which means a long time to sell your house.

Tip #2 – Consider Off Market

A home that is sold “on the market” is listed by a real estate agent on the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  The buyers are called “retail buyers” and they are looking for houses that they are going to live in typically for a long time.  Retail buyers buy on their timeline, which often isn’t fast enough for some sellers.  An “off the market” transaction is often facilitated by a professional home buyer.  They work with private real estate professionals, like house-flippers, who buy houses very quickly.  

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Tip #3 – Gather The Data

Getting a buyer interested in the house can sometimes happen quickly, but they often will ask for a bunch of information about the house, such as the age of the HVAC system or how old the roof is.  Sellers who can quickly and confidently provide this information can make the sales process to smoothly.  So, consider dedicating one evening to pulling together all the information about the house you can think of.

Tip #4 – Agents May Be A Waste of Your Time

All real estate agents are going to try to the absolutely highest price for your house.  One reason is because they are paid on commission so the higher the price, the more money they make.  However, if you have a tight timeline, working with most real estate agents are going to be a waste of your time.  Selling directly to a buyer, like us at AKJ Sell Today will help you to sell your house faster.  This is because we work with real estate investors who buy houses with cash.  And, they buy houses AS-IS.

Tip #5 – Decide Now

A lot of times homeowners that try to sell, end up not actually ready to sell.  We find that they would like to sell, but they don’t really need to.  This indecision can stall any sale.  If you really need to sell fast, then make that commitment ahead of time so there are not delays in the future.  Consider working with company like us, buy get ready because we can move very quickly and can even close in and put a check in your hands in about a week!

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