Testimonial From Larry | Sell Your Grand Rapids House Fast with AKJ Sell Today

Testimonial From Larry | Sell Your Grand Rapids House Fast with AKJ Sell Today
Video Transcription

Alex:  Hi Everybody, this is Alex. I’m here with Larry and we just got done closing on his house on the Northeast side. I met with Larry about two weeks ago and now we’re done and closed and check’s in his hand. So I’ll just ask you Larry, how was it working with me and AKJ Sell Today?

Larry: Well, you’ve gained confidence very quick and you made it easy for me. And I appreciate that.

Alex: Of course.

Larry: So today, hindsight they say is 2020, and I’m very satisfied. I’m happy & I look forward to today and it worked out well.

Alex: I did what I said I was going to do?

Larry: Yes, you did.

Alex: What did I do well in this process?

Larry: Well, you knew what you were doing, I could tell that and that gave me the confidence to go ahead. So I can recommend you to friends and to others. Very happy and I’m sure that my friends too would feel the same way if they ever needed you.

Alex: Thank you. And thank you for putting some trust in me to sell the house. And I’m glad we could work it out the right way.

Larry: Well, I hope I run into you periodically.

Alex: All right. We will.

Larry: It was all good. You bet.

Alex: We’re going to get some lunch now. We’ll see you later.

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